What clients say...

Laura Garwood

Laura Garwood, Career Relaunch

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Rachel is a rare find!


Rachel has an exceptional mind and she will have an immediate impact on your business.  She is an organisational powerhouse, a deep thinker, incredibly analytical and very efficient.  


Rachel’s curiosity and drive to help improve the way you work has an immediate impact on your business.

Rachel recently completed a competitor analysis for me.

Rachel’s market analysis was detailed, informative and insightful.  Rachel gave me clarity on industry dynamics and made recommendation on where to focus my services and how to target my ideal clients to have the most impact (for them and for my business).

I would highly recommend working with Rachel and look forward to having her ongoing support as I launch my start up!

Laura Garwood, Career Re-Launch

Kathleen Sullivan

KS Coaching


Rachel is smart, efficient, a problem solver with a super attitude. No problem is too daunting. She thrives on setting up systems that make things run more smoothly.


I’ve come to rely on Rachel for so many things - chasing up payments on outstanding invoices, keeping my inbox spam-free, finding ingenious ways of simplifying systems. I appreciate her straightforward communication, not to mention her humour!  Rachel doesn’t make assumptions, but checks in to get clarity where there’s ambiguity.


I feel peace of mind knowing that Rachel has the day to day operations under control, allowing me to focus on producing and delivering my business output.


Rachel is competitively priced and I would happily recommend her to anyone to support and streamline the running of your business.

Kathleen Sullivan, KS Coaching

Judith Tavanyar

Leadership/Comms Trainer & Executive Coach


Rachel is an outstandingly skilled and talented office and project manager who can turn her hand to any assignment with confidence, calm and competence.  


I have worked with her over a period of time and am constantly impressed by her strengths as a communicator, her thoughtful and intelligent contribution as a team member, and her ability to stay focused and reassuringly calm under pressure.  


She is an intelligent and gifted individual and her abilities and knowledge include an excellent grasp of Internet technology and tools, and alongside that the ability to organise and support team members to better self-management (I include myself here!) in a reassuring and quietly competent way.

 She would bring value to any team and is a great person to work with.

Judith Tavanyar, Leadership/Comms Trainer,  Executive Coach

Irene Campbell



Rachel helped me enormously when I had to transfer my group yoga classes to online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Within a week, she helped me get to grips with new platforms such as Zoom and Facebook, researched booking systems for my website, proof-read mailings to my clients, and provided general administrative support so that I had the time to focus on preparing my classes. Having Rachel in the background helped me stay motivated and on track during this challenging transition period.

I can't recommend Rachel enough. She works extremely efficiently, is reliable, proactive, and above all just very pleasant to work with, always friendly, with a smile on her face.

Irene Campbell, YogaVita