Services include but are not limited to:

  • Competitor research and marketplace analysis

  • Helping you clarify your business goals and create an action plan  

  • Process mapping to identify areas for improvement in your business processes

  • Support in the implementation of new tools and processes 

  • Assistance with getting your business online

  • Project management

  • Drafting business documentation

  • Proofreading

  • General administrative support where required


I have helped make my clients' lives easier by: 

  • Creating one master email account where they can see all their email accounts in one place (helpful for freelancers or people with multiple businesses/jobs)

  • Implementing scheduling tools to remove any back and forth when clients book meetings or appointments

  • Implementing and training them in using a collaborative workflow tool e.g. Trello, Asana

  • Researching online tools to find the right ones to suit their business

  • Introducing consistency in their processes, removing confusion and stress

  • Encouraging business discipline to ensure work/life balance is maintained in a manner that sustains your business but also your health and personal life

If what you are looking for is not listed here, get in touch and we can discuss how I can help.